Bad Title 24 energy calcs from Solargy

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On Mar 2nd of 2012 I was told by the building department I needed a so called Title 24 report before I could receive my permit for the addition I was adding to my residential home.I called a few companies and went with a local one, Solargy.

I dropped my plans off and was told I would have my report the next day. I thought this was great, so I left my drawings and let them do there work. WHAT A MISTAKE, when I went to get my Title 24 report, it was ready and I thought everything was fine and I could go submit. When I got to the building dept, he said the orientation of the home was wrong, wrong Sq Ft, wrong windows, wrong insulation, one thing after another.

They even forgot to add the water and HVAC to the house, all incorrect. The plan checker wonder who would of put this report together at Solargy, since they had been around for quite some time. When I called Solargy and talked to the guy who did the report, he stuttered so much and made so many excuses I could not understand what he was trying to tell me.

I am going to find another company for my Title 24 now, and not even go back to have them redo this report, what incompetence, such a falcy, and some kind of phoney operation.DO NOT GO TO SOLARGY FOR TITLE 24 ENERGY REPORTS.

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Solargy - Bad service and agrumentive owner

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Have done business with Solargy, the past, and did not expect the owner of an energy and engineering company to explode and yell at me on the phone, practically the guy was screaming, and on top of it, thought I was a different client, and started calling me by another company name.

He then mentioned I was wrong and could not even admit it, and I could not get a word in edge-wise, almost like dealing with a child.

Somehow, I was mistaken for a past client who they we're very upset at, so I just hung up.I will never do business with Solargy, Inc again.

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